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Chris Magoulas And His Axis Of Evil

Chris Magoulas And His Axis Of Evil

Your Outry, My Answer

Last week I discussed a little-known man named Chris Magoulas. I detailed how men like him are prevalent throughout the union world – who intimidate people and plunder their reputations in hopes that they might gain one more contract for their unions. In Chris’s case, that union is Unite Here – a union which reeks of desperation in the face of their depleting membership.
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The Belly Of The Beast

The Belly Of The Beast

Who are the people breaking the law in the name of workers’ rights?

I go into detail about how men like Chris Magoulas of Unite Here exemplify the hypocrisy of Trade Unions.

It’s about time people stand up the snakes

In the past few posts I have described the underbelly of unions as they clamor to gain contracts in this climate of desperation. I presented myself as one of the industry’s “pushers” or “enforcers” – spending decades coercing businesses to release their workforce to us for representation. In so doing I came to ruin peoples’ lives, and witness and be complicit in the physical abuse of innocent business leaders. I have admitted and will continue to admit to my regrettable wrong doing. But you should know this.
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Unspeakable Acts

Unspeakable Acts

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”

What happens when power is given a veneer of justice?

How union coercion works

Many of the most horrific acts in history have happened in the name of justice. Think of all of the empires who truly believed that they alone had the ultimate philosophy that was in need of spreading…and conquering. Whether it was Democracy, Fascism, or Communism – leaders have always tried to implement their utopia through unspeakable violence. Generations were murdered, cultures were destroyed and the utopias never even came to be. Continue reading “Unspeakable Acts”


The Truth Behind Union Representation

How Far Would You Go To seiu_meetingHelp People?

This is where you get when you spend decades making the proverbial sausage of union deals.

When I was young boy, I wanted to be a firefighter. Cliché, I know. But the reason was simple: besides the glory and the cool uniform, it was the ability to help people in immediate need that got me all giddy, the ability to be a hero. Continue reading “Confession”

A Crumbling Foundation

A Crumbling Foundation

Unions Are Falling and Failing

Guess what went wrong?

Unions used to mean something good in this country. They stood for something truly progressive. When society industrialized in the 19th Century, a new seismic change in society spurred a turn away from the hierarchal neo-feudal system of labor into a new factory-based economy. For several years, the neo-feudal lords were merely replaced by factory owners and industrialist; and the serfs and laborers replaced by factory workers. During this time vulnerable workers were constantly at the whims of their employers. The very idea of worker’s rights simply didn’t exist. Continue reading “A Crumbling Foundation”