About Johnny Freeman

A former labor union enforcer shares his pain


Jonny Freeman is a pseudonym. I am keeping my anonymity for reasons you will see throughout this blog.

Five years ago I officially called it quits in the union the world. Over the course of twenty years working for various unions, my disillusionment simply reached a critical mass. I thought I was doing a good thing; representing those who didn’t have a voice; the weak, the salt of the earth. In my days since my unceremonious retirement, I’ve had friends and former colleagues accuse me of abandoning the workers. But I’ve never stopped defending the workers, in fact I quit because I was fed up by the depraved system that claimed to care for their interests. I wish it were different. I wish my two decades of work had been for something other than filling the pockets of union leadership and thugs.

So don’t call me a turncoat, an industrialist or even a cynic. I am still trying to find solutions. I am still a frequent donor to the Democratic Party. And I haven’t lost hope for workers. But I will expose the widespread corruption that is crippling the labor world and bringing it to its last gasps. And I will do so speaking from experience.

Send me your stories at union.lost@gmx.com


One thought on “About Johnny Freeman

  1. Why can’t the world be a better place?! Stealing is wrong, but stealing from people that worked for their money seems so much worse. I hope people come forward and a case case can be made to bring those responsible to justice.


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