Chris Magoulas And His Axis Of Evil

Chris Magoulas And His Axis Of Evil

Your Outry, My Answer

Last week I discussed a little-known man named Chris Magoulas. I detailed how men like him are prevalent throughout the union world – who intimidate people and plunder their reputations in hopes that they might gain one more contract for their unions. In Chris’s case, that union is Unite Here – a union which reeks of desperation in the face of their depleting membership.

The truth is, I barely even touched the tip of the iceberg. I didn’t initially plan on divulging more into this topic, but after the immense support of you guys and the outcry to speak about it more, I decided to listen and go into more detail about men like Chris Magoulas in order to make his name and his exploits a household conversation starter.

Prejudice in the name of Social Justice

PrintI only briefly discussed the kind of corrupt tactics that Magoulas uses in order to gain contracts for Unite Here. The truth is, he can’t do his dirty deeds alone. He needs help. Often, he’ll enlist rogue PR agencies and non-profits to completely and unjustifiably critique a business for being inherently racist, sexist and have poor working conditions.
Thus he is able to galvanize the Social Justice Warrior masses to point the finger at the company, backing it further and further into a corner until the CEO or president finally says “uncle”.

Such acts have been recorded, for example, in the case of Unite Here vs. PennGaming. Look it up for yourself. The company made substantial claims that a man from Unite Here made constant threats, saying that he wouldn’t let up unless the company caved in. And with an utter lack of originality in terms of tact, Chris and Unite Here practice these methods repeatedly to dozens of other companies that are in their sights.

How did we get these medieval practices?

As mentioned in previous posts, this form of intimidation is the natural progression away from the physical beatings that used to take place in the heyday of the labor movement. But while a physical beating may swell and take days, weeks, even months to heal, the strategy employed by new age enforcers like Magoulas (and admittedly my former self) often leaves its victims destitute and without a viable reputation to continue their lives in a normal degree. Essentially, men like Chris Magoulas ruins peoples’ lives.

Such behavior may be “legal”, but it is far beyond the point of ethics. And if you’ll tell me that “business is business” then what kind of business is it to commit such cowardly acts in the name of the silent workers men like Chris Magoulas claim to represent?

We need to start talking about this more. In a world where jobs are so fickle and income inequality is so high, there has never been a point where labor unions could serve so much positive purpose. Yet unions resort to such tactics as used by Chris Magoulas.

No longer is there any trust that family businesses have any concept of social responsibility or a desire to provide for their employees. No longer should laborers throughout the United States entrust their interests to the fear-mongering ranks of the unions that claim to represent them. No longer should we – the public – sit idly by and watch and accept this culture of intimidation while workers’ rights continue to be trampled upon.

Men like Chris Magoulas need to be stopped, they need to be called into question. We need to give them a taste of their own medicine.


6 thoughts on “Chris Magoulas And His Axis Of Evil

  1. I was very interested in this acticle the whole way through i mean the practices in midevil used was something that we only get too read about i mean there is so much too learn just want too thank you for giving me more knowledge about the subject


  2. i am reading this again and again.i mean there is so much too learn just want too thank you for giving me more knowledge about the subject..


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