Unspeakable Acts

Unspeakable Acts

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”

What happens when power is given a veneer of justice?

How union coercion works

Many of the most horrific acts in history have happened in the name of justice. Think of all of the empires who truly believed that they alone had the ultimate philosophy that was in need of spreading…and conquering. Whether it was Democracy, Fascism, or Communism – leaders have always tried to implement their utopia through unspeakable violence. Generations were murdered, cultures were destroyed and the utopias never even came to be.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not much different with the Labor Movement. When unions started back in the day, leaders were quick to describe a brave new world where all workers could earn handsome salaries with comfortable conditions as a part a new influential class of workers that could stand up to powerful industrialists. It was to be a new age of justice for workers.

Thanks to early labor leaders, many of those things did happen: industrial workers were finally given fair wages and workplace regulations were established. But over time the labor leadership has turned into an almost cultish circle of power mongers who are far more interested in making deals than helping the workers they supposedly represent. It’s all about signing the next contract, and subsequently coercing the next business to join forces with the union.

Getting a contract isn’t like shaking hands as much as it’s about forcing someone into the corner. When an enforcer like myself would return to the office successful, the new notch in the belt is more like a kill than a new favorable client.
This thoroughly corrupt system of gaining exclusivity contracts for employees is why people resort to such violent measures to get a business manager to sign on the dotted line. This is what happens when you recruit violent people to use their natural born talent for something “good”. They abuse such power.

I’ve seen terrible things. Blood, emotional breakdowns, death.

And when all is said and done and an enforcer goes home, he carries his actions with him. Work is never just work, it has an impact on this world.

A big issue is that union leadership stopped looking at workers as individuals, but rather as a commodity – just like the factory owners. The represented workers were no longer the goal, but the contracts that they would be forced to honor.

No wonder union membership has plummeted in recent years. The workers are recognizing that most unions no longer serve their interest, but only serve to exploit them. So the leaders of unions are getting increasingly desperate to prove their utility.
And desperation is never a good thing. It used to be much simpler: you intimidate your target and he signs. But with the internet and a falling membership, things are far more complicated.

Now, unions use physical intimidation alongside large-scale campaigns aimed at destroying a target client’s reputation until he/she submits.

It’s a brutal, twisted process. A black eye will heal, but in many instances these new methods – of which I was one of the first – can actually ruin people’s lives. I’ve seen targets’ families being broken up, children being taken away from their father, suicide – all because a union just wants the guy to sign a damned contract that he wasn’t interested in.

The veneer of justice is fading away slowly. Now, more and more stories like mine are spreading to reveal the real truth about the state of the labor movement. But no matter how much backlash the labor word faces, I won’t stop telling the people what I’ve witnessed in my decades with the unions.

The truth is still pouring out. Until next time.


6 thoughts on “Unspeakable Acts

  1. This was really eye-opening. I had no idea unions were so manipulative and caused so much difficulty in employees’ lives. How awful that some ended up just like those they were designed to protect workers from.


  2. It’s a new age of information, bias & slander. Used to be you could pick up and move to a new town where no one knew your name, these days you need a new name, and a new face. Unions may die out, but you can be guaranteed that someone will come along to take their place… power is never left unwielded for very long.


  3. it’s unspeakable what some of these groups get away with. Brutal isn’t even the word. It’s inhuman. I have seen it from both sides (the good stories vs the horror stories) and I have to say that I have seen so many more horror stories than I have good. Disappointing. Well done.


  4. It’s unfortunate that unions can’t use their position in work places and work on positive issues for worker instead of lining their own pockets. It is just another “system” that only cares about perpetuating itself. Keep shining light on the truth.


  5. Unions have such a powerful reputation as forces for good but this really exposes them for what they’re doing. This blog is a good expose with information everyone should know.


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