A Crumbling Foundation

A Crumbling Foundation

Unions Are Falling and Failing

Guess what went wrong?

Unions used to mean something good in this country. They stood for something truly progressive. When society industrialized in the 19th Century, a new seismic change in society spurred a turn away from the hierarchal neo-feudal system of labor into a new factory-based economy. For several years, the neo-feudal lords were merely replaced by factory owners and industrialist; and the serfs and laborers replaced by factory workers. During this time vulnerable workers were constantly at the whims of their employers. The very idea of worker’s rights simply didn’t exist.

Out of a combination of desperation, social cohesion and popular Marxist theories, the labor movements formed in the late 19th Century – finally giving a voice to workers in the USA. Long story short, unions proved vital in building the American middle-class, which soon became the envy of the world.

But I’m here to tell you that the experiment called unionization has taken a very wrong turn into the wrong side of history. If you haven’t noticed, unions across the country are down in record numbers.

No longer are unions seen as an opportunity for work but an impediment. Instead, the unions themselves are attempting to consolidate power, both in industries and among their workers.

To be fair, this is nothing new. Just look at guys like Jimmy Hoffa. He was a criminal, and there are no two ways around it.

But what I saw during my years at various unions was a degradation in the focus on the worker, and more on the constant search for national dominance. So instead of hiring mobsters to enforce and intimidate employers in the wrong, today union leadership are using similar measures, and many disgraceful negative campaigns, to gain contracts they want before their workers even vote for it.

Plain and simple, we are entering a limbo period for the common American worker: a more competitive market without legitimate representation for their interests. Indeed it’s a sad state of affairs, but with basic reforms in the union structure perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Next up in Union Lost, I will go into detail about some of the nefarious activities of my former co-workers and bosses. Who knows, maybe this can actually change things.


3 thoughts on “A Crumbling Foundation

  1. It is sad to see unions decline in numbers and importance. They were such an integral part of improving conditions for workers in this country. I hope they can make a comeback some time in the future.


  2. I can attest to this. Worked in a window factory one summer and there was a movement to unionize. But the drive came from the outside, and I never got the impression they really knew — or cared — about the issues at that plant, but just wanted to increase numbers for the national union.


  3. It’s sad and all but I never put any trust into a union to start with. Many times, companies that I have worked for tried to get me to join. Some to the point of me quitting my job.


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